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About Our Studio

For 14 years I have specialized in teaching the Suzuki method.


The Suzuki Program is based on the philosophy and the ‘mother tongue’ teaching method of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Beginners learn to play by ear, by listening and imitating – much like a child learns to speak or communicate.


Talent is nurtured in a positive environment and parents provide support by attending lessons, helping the children to practice and listening to recordings together at home.


Parents are not required to have a musical background. Encouragement and praise in the classroom and at home are essential tools in your child’s success and musical growth.


Our students learn to play the piano in an atmosphere that focuses on creating a feeling of individual success.


Students develop an appreciation and an understanding of music through participation in our method books, supplementary music, activities and concerts.


Our studio program makes the piano relevant, motivating and enjoyable. We inspire our students to become life-long musicians and give them the skills to excel in other areas of life.


Lesson Bennefits


- Every child learns at their own pace.  Students in the Piano Key Lessons Studio are not judged for spending longer on a certain piece than another student might at their age.  They are simply encouraged, positive elements noticed, and earnestly praised for mastering even the smallest of steps.


- Listening to the repertoire – every day – is the golden ticket.  Piano Key learners soak up the repertoire aurally and learn to successfully recall it at practice and in lessons.  This not only produces a deep sense of unique and advanced accomplishment in a child, but also a lifelong ability to play by ear, and discern tonal quality and performance in every kind of music.


- The repertoire is fun!  Technique is learned through learning pretty pieces of music, instead of dry technical exercises.


- Learning the Piano Key’s Suzuki way is praise-based from both a teacher and parent perspective.  Your teacher is not only a role model of how to sit patiently and kindly at the piano with a young child, but also offers support and a game plan to parents who may understandably struggle with this at times.


- Your child is taught to self-evaluate from their first piano lesson; building confidence, developing good judgment, sensitivity to sound, and creative thinking.


- Your child masters what they are working on before moving on.  The Suzuki repertoire is designed specifically to support the student’s individual learning progress, so that they may build skills while reaching attainable goals – and feel happy about progressing in their music lessons and practice.


- Reading music a bit later on builds upon Suzuki’s Mother Tongue approach – that language is learned before words are read.  Reading comes later, and in most cases, very naturally if taught well and with patience.  Suzuki students in later Books wind up being musicians who can both play by ear and read music very well.


- Piano Key’s Suzuki Method learning shows you that practicing something makes it easier and easier.  This nugget of

knowledge – especially if gleaned firsthand at a young age – is the foundation of true excellence.



My daughter and son both take piano lessons at Piano Key Lessons studio with Tina. She is a very patient, passionate, knowledgeable and caring piano instructor. They enjoy taking lessons with her, and I'm impressed with the way she teaches them and how they are progressing.


My daughter is auditioning for an arts school and Tina is focused on helping her to prepare. Tina is a great teacher and I would recommend her to anyone.



Tina is an amazing piano teacher. She is great with kids and really connects with them. Both my daughters love her.

Tina is patient with younger children and makes learning piano fun!



Our daughter Sai Madhura has been learning piano for the past one year. We strongly believe that our daughter has been getting the best piano lessons at Piano Key Lessons through Ms. Tina, a dedicated and responsible piano teacher. Tina is amazing with kids.


She is patient, friendly, flexible and very professional. She has great teaching methods and has taught both theory and songs including our daughters` favorites.


Tina identifies weak points and helps her students overcome them by giving many useful tips. Tina also goes an extra mile and provides extra materials that are very useful.


She encourages her students to perform in the regular student concerts held at her studio. Madhura picked up lot of songs within months and her interest in learning piano has grown. Tina is a great mentor and brings out the best in her students. We regret that we did not find Tina sooner."



Tina worked with my daughter for many years. Working with Tina was very good for my daughter's confidence, general interested in music and mental focus. Tina's talented teaching style and passion definitely contributed to my daughter's decision to attend a specialized music program in high school. Audrey will take with her a solid foundation in music theory, but more importantly, a love of learning which was instilled by years of patient encouragement by Tina.


Tina (Owner/Teacher)